Who are we?

SaaSlife is a community-focused SaaS recruitment business that will use the power of data and AI to ensure that we can work effectively and efficiently on any SaaS requirement, any volume, and any location using a personal touch and the latest technology available!

As a talent provider, we are born from the idea that knowledge, pace, and precision are the key ingredients to success.


A message from our founder

I love recruitment…  I mean I love great recruitment!

When done well it helps drive growth for exceptional businesses and provides amazing career opportunities to the world’s talent!

The weight of this impact isn’t lost on me!

I truly believe that great recruitment should be seamless… It is each party understanding their role and delivering exceptional results.

Recruiters should be problem solvers helping to solve real business challenges, taking the unnecessary strain away from hiring managers/ hiring teams where needed by providing an expert-led service!

So this being said, What can you expect from me and SaaSlife...


You will be treated respectfully, honestly, and with integrity throughout our engaged process and beyond! We will provide you with expert-led insight, advice and will assist you with your search based on our global industry knowledge


We will represent your brand with the same passion, vigour, and respect that we hold for our own brand! We are committed to your success! We will work in partnership to achieve hiring success and will provide insights, analysis, and access to the worlds leading talent and ensure high-quality process management!



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