Daniel Greenwood, founder of SaaSlife joins Recruitment Entrepreneur’s (RE) portfolio under their REflex offering backed by James Caan CBE.

26 Jul 2023

SaaSlife is a dynamic, new recruitment company focused on supporting fast-growing SaaS businesses by scaling their technology and go-to-market functions. By joining forces with Recruitment Entrepreneur under their REflex offering, Saaslife aims to become one of the industry's leading talent providers in the SaaS space.

Prior to founding SaaSlife, Dan Greenwood, the visionary behind this exciting new venture, had a distinguished career focused on recruiting within the SaaS industry, aiding ambitious businesses in scale, and developing their build and go-to-market strategies.

He mostly enjoys the ever-changing landscape of the industry and seeing first-hand how innovative concepts come to life in the form of world-class products and platforms.

SaaSlife's ability to recruit across various geographical locations is one of its key strengths that sets them apart from its competitors.

Dan adds “The SaaS world is truly global – on every continent, there are industry disruptors expanding every day!

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a career where I have been able to hire across the world, and I believe that SaaSlife can become a partner to all entrepreneurial SaaS businesses…no matter the geography!”.

SaaSlife is founded on the principles of knowledge, pace, and precision - embracing data and AI to work effectively and efficiently on any SaaS recruitment requirement, at any scale, and in any location. Blending the personal touch with cutting-edge technology, Dan is dedicated to building a vibrant community within the SaaS arena, providing a platform for voices to be heard and ideas to be shared.

Dan says "Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted partner to some of the greatest SaaS brands that are already doing great things – as well as brands that are yet to be discovered. We are here to support and nurture great SaaS businesses of all sizes, helping them to grow where needed in order to achieve the desired levels of success”.

The partnership between SaaSlife and RE emerged naturally, Dan was looking to find a partner who could provide a platform for his company.

Dan reflects "Much like how many SaaS businesses come to be, I had a concept/idea for a SaaS talent brand that could become something special– RE gave me a platform to showcase what I and we could potentially achieve – now we are bringing SaaSlife to life!”.

Greg Hollis, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur adds “The future looks bright for SaaSlife as we embark on a shared mission to revolutionise the SaaS recruitment landscape and make an impact on the global tech industry”.

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